Beetle Buster USA

Imagine having no concern about Small Hive Beetle (SHB) infestation. 

Being able to place your hives in sun or shade year round.

No foreign objects on top of, or between, the frames.

The Beetle Buster Small Hive Beetle Trap makes it possible!

A strong hive is indeed the best way to control Small Hive Beetles and the Beetle Buster baseboard helps to create the strongest hive possible. 

There's value in it's effectiveness, durability and the peace of mind it provides.

Each Beetle Buster is hand made to exacting standards using dense hardwoods and 

designed with years of use in mind with minimal maintenance.

A lot of time and money can go to waste if the beetles aren't kept in check.

In the end you are left with 2 choices...

You can fight the beetles or you can get a BUSTER.

US Patent 10,834,906

AU Patent 2015238870

I don’t use anything else in my hives to prevent small hive beetle. No towels, no traps, no oils, no fuzz. Just my beetle buster bases.....Do yourself and your bees a favor. Kill those nasty parasitic beetles with a beetle buster base. You’ll be glad you did.

Kamala Mclemore

As many relatively new bee keepers, I had grown a intense dislike for the Small Hive Beetle. I had been to the Mississippi Beekeepers Association convention meeting where it was discussed and listened to several very experienced beekeepers at the Central Mississippi Beekeepers meetings discuss their experiences - all of which led to frustration for me because there was no real answer that I could use. I have had bees for 5 years and each year lost one or more hives to SHB - one was a brand new Nuc. Each time, I had expended almost $200 in getting the hive and was left with nothing but slimed up box and frame. This year, I read a post in the Louisiana Beekeeper and they touted the Beetle Buster base board as a solution. The price was about $100 and was manufactured in Australia. So, I decided to try one out and I did. I installed it on a hive that was relatively new and thought I did not have much of a SHB issue. Boy was I wrong. Within 24 hours, I went and pulled the bottom tray and to my surprise, there were probably 200 SHB in the tray. I emptied those and refilled with diatomacious earth with the following day inspection showing a small number. I have since purchased three more and each time they show the same result. I have waited to comment on them even after prompting by the manufacturer since I wanted to put them to the test in August when the number of SHB really increase. They are still eliminating the beetles and my inspection of the hives reveal only a small number of beetles hiding mainly near the top of the hive....My apiary gets a lot of sun but not full sun all day which is a negative in control of these critters. This is just information I wanted to share. You will have to decide for yourself but I am sold on the benefits of this board to the smaller beekeeper.

Lee Temple

I had two hives that were in trouble with SHB. I discovered that the distributor for the Beetle Buster was only about 45 minutes from my home. I ordered two of them, Bryan worked with me so I could pick them up right away. I found at least 20 beetles on the bottom boards between the two hives, and immediately ordered two more and picked them up the next day. One of the reviewers on the Beetle Buster website says he believes there's a difference between price and cost. If you don't practice good IPM with your hives, it will cost you dearly. I'm looking forward to year two with MASSIVELY reduced beetle populations, thanks to Beetle Buster!

Craig Burnett
Leawood, KS

I’ve been in beekeeping for four years and had trouble with SHB since day one. We tried all the old methods including swifter sheets and beetle traps and still couldn’t get rid of them. That’s when I saw the beetle buster base boards and thought I’d give them a try. That’s when my SHB problem was eliminated! Thanks for such an awesome product! I own 3 of them!

Richie Reppond
Sage, Arkansas